I enjoy exploring new sectors of community life and creating reliable predictable ongoing income for charity work. I’ll bring my 25 years experience in sales and marketing in the commercial sector, followed by ten years in the not for profit sector, nine of which have been in the trenches of monthly giving:

  • In 2007-8 I was Supporter Relations Manager at WWF-New Zealand managing a monthly donor acquisition programme of well over 1,000 monthly supporters a year and increasing that income by 82%.
  • In 2009-10 I was Fundraising Manager – Individual Giving at New Zealand Red Cross, acquiring thousands of new monthly supporters and increasing that income by over half a million dollars a year. My broader responsibilities included raising a further million dollars through direct mail and millions more through Samoa, Haiti and other emergency appeals and over $1 million in bequest income. During this time the individual giving team generated a substantial number of new bequest enquiries. Overall income was raised by 29%.
  • Between 2010 and 2014 I helped a small NGO start up and embed a face-to-face monthly giving programme that grew from zero to over 1,000 monthly givers. We achieved lucratively better retention than I experienced at two large international NGOs where I managed their million dollar monthly giving programmes. We won the 2012 Fundraising Institute of New Zealand Donor Acquisition Charity Fundraising Award for Excellence. This raised $372,000 per year. We changed the operating name of the charity one month before starting, proving a recognisable name is not needed for F2F-D2D to work.
  • 13 to 395 regular givers over 42 months from 2014: My work for a small charity using the mail to inspire their existing mail givers to give regularly won the 2015 Fundraising Institute of New Zealand Donor Acquisition Charity Fundraising Award for Excellence. Between 2015 and 2017 this work contributed to an anticipated $1.4 million in future Gifts in Wills, a synergy of such magnitude that it took me by surprise.
  • One to 260 monthly givers over 10 months from 2014: My work for a small charity using a specialist call centre to inspire single occasional gift givers to give monthly now produces predictable and reliable funding of $62,000 per year. After the call centre completed their telephone campaign, the ongoing fundraiser’s time to steward these monthly supporters has only needed to be one day a month.
  • $11,900 raised in five hours. In April 2018, representing a small charity, I went door to door myself, securing 5 pledges from SME businesses. Pledges were by Automatic Payments, one per hour, averaging $44.67 per month. All believed to be ongoing, except a $25 per month one for 12 months. Total value at 5 years = $11,900.

I have ten years of regular giving experience and offer you one or two days a week to build yours.

I can guide you step by step through planning and implementing a successful programme. I can save you money by avoiding what doesn’t work

Building a sustainable, growing stream of long-term income for your cause is simple and reliable but requires resolute focus. I recommend the carefully considered step by step approach you will find in the sub menu: meetings, feasibility study, trial and roll out.

Ready and want to get started?

Go to the menu item above named Assessment Meeting for the first of five steps I recommend.

John Barnett


John Barnett  (FINZ 2005-2018) (CFRE 2010-2016)  
Fundraising Consultant
Lower Hutt
New Zealand
+64 (0) 21 063 1590 mobile

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