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By this stage you’ve completed a trial and decided to Roll Out your programme. You’ve learnt the basics. Funny thing about these basics — once they’re firmly established, you can almost stop being concerned about future financial results. Because when you’re doing the right things day in and day out, the results take care of themselves. That’s the beauty and strength of the face-to-face fundraising strategy, it’s stable, reliable, long proven and hard to muck up if you keep doing the right things.

So what are these the right things?

  1. Finding good quality supporters: those with jobs or who are retired with time-honed money management skills, preferably home owners, an average age of over 35, correct email addresses and phone numbers, those who’ve made an explicit commitment to their intention of supporting for at least two years.
  2. Administering pledge management tasks well, with a fair and professional relationship with your agency supplier.
  3. Reporting back to your supporters regularly on what their gifts are achieving, so they remain delighted and inspired.

Good things take time and the very nature of face-to-face fundraising is that the work must be undertaken professionally and methodically.

You’ll likely know Aesop’s fable, the Tortoise and the Hare. It’s a race between unequal partners. The tortoise wins because it is focused, resolute and follows a better strategy. Meanwhile the hare races off, covers a lot of ground, quickly gets distracted and ends up exhausted. The tortoise ends up far ahead of the hare.

Building a sustainable, growing stream of long-term income for your cause is simple and reliable but requires resolute focus. It suits organisations whose leadership can resolve to play the long game.

John Barnett


John Barnett (FINZ 2005-2018) (CFRE 2010-2016)  
Fundraising Consultant
Lower Hutt
New Zealand
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