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The objectives of a Feasibility Study include determining:

  • The NGO’s readiness: staff, money to invest. An agency’s preparedness to represent your NGO.
  • Are we financially able to run the programme until it generates its own investment?
  • Modelling of the investment and various return scenarios
  • If a clear and compelling ‘case for support’ can be articulated to members of the public
  • If all other success factors are in place, would the strategy have the support of staff, board, finance manager?

Up until the conclusion of the Feasibility Study, the role of the consultant should be that of ‘being neither for nor against the project’.

The Feasibility Study can be called off early if factors necessary to the success of the project are found to be absent.

Ready and want to get started?

If the Feasibility Study shows it is feasible, the next step in a carefully considered approach is the next in the Services menu, the Trial.

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