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As in many areas of life, figuring the best way forward is a matter of joining the dots from various sources and that’s what I’ve tried to do for you on the webpage For CEOs and Board Members. Thankfully the dots are closely spaced. The top two closest dots? Your supporters and the good outcomes their ‘empathetic hearts’ will make possible.

You can reduce the amount of meeting time by studying this website beforehand.

Many NGO leaders get stuck at this ‘meetings stage’. Their careful deliberation slides into procrastination. Social scientists tell us the best way to stop delaying tasks and decisions is to find something enjoyable in them. Would it be enjoyable to be instrumental in enabling your NGO to do more good work over the next decade? What would the person in your role in 10 or 15 years likely say to you as the then CEO, Board and Fundraiser who had the courage and decisiveness to focus on growing an ever-increasing support base of monthly supporters?

The next step I recommend in a carefully considered step by step approach is next in the Services menu, the Board Consideration Meeting.

John Barnett


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